League of Legends boosting, what is it?

League of Legends elo boosting is a service where high ranked players help lower elo players reaching a higher rank in the ladder.

Boosting services usually have two methods, solo queue and duo queue options, but how does it work exactly?

The solo option is by far riskier than duo option, in solo option you will provide your League account details to the player so he can log in your account and climb your account to your desired rank, back in the days this options was a true risk, but at the moment most of the services providing elo boosting have really secure ways of not banning your account for account sharing, while they are on your account they will use offline mode and VPN to your specific country and city, that way it would be the same as you playing on the account and Riot can’t notice it.

Solo boosting is the most popular and faster service in League of Legends elo boost, the booster playing on your account will duo boost with another booster and get insane results on your account and win rates, in this specific option services always offer extra options where you can choose that the booster plays only your favorite and most used champions ( A good way to be incognito for your friends and friend list) which is pretty legit to have your account as safe as possible.

The duo option is better if you’d like to climb the ladder and at the same time learn while you climb, not only you have your account safe and you won’t have to share your account details to anyone and you will be playing with a Challenger player where you can record the games and learn from it later on and ask tips to the person playing with you.

In duo option you won’t have the risk of being banned since Riot mentioned in their Terms and services that duo is not bannable, so that means that you’re playing with a booster is exactly the same thing as if you were playing with a friend that has a smurf in your elo.

Elo boost services in duo queue option also provide extra options such as coaching, this option is good if you’d like to play and learn from an high elo player at the same time, the booster will be playing with you and teaching you and fixing your mistakes while you play with him.

In conclusion there are a lot of options that you can choose from in services like this, it will depend always on your preferences, solo if you don’t wish to spend time playing or duo if you’d like to play while you learn and climb the ladder.

Are you ready for the summoners rift?!

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