Overwatch 2 community expresses disdain towards the game’s seemingly pointless cosmetic item

Overwatch 2 Revamps Cosmetics with Paid Battle Pass and Souvenir Disappointment

Compared to the original game, Overwatch 2 has undergone significant changes to its cosmetics. Players can no longer earn every unlock for free through gameplay alone. Instead, a paid Battle Pass and a rotational shop have been introduced, providing more ways for players to spend real money in-game. Furthermore, there are now more types of cosmetics available than before, such as weapon charms and new emotes. However, one new addition has left players feeling disappointed.

Souvenirs, the most concerning cosmetic addition in Overwatch 2, have left players struggling to understand their purpose. Equipping a Souvenir takes up an emote slot in the menu, and it is simply a small item that your character can hold while emoting. However, emoting with Souvenirs feels like it takes forever, and they serve no actual purpose in the game.

As compared to the original game model where players could earn every unlockable cosmetic through gameplay alone, Overwatch 2 has introduced a plethora of ways for players to spend real money, including a paid Battle Pass and a rotational shop. While the addition of new cosmetic types, such as weapon charms and emotes, has been well-received, one new addition has left players feeling underwhelmed.

The most criticized cosmetic addition in Overwatch 2 is Souvenirs, a pointless addition that has left many players questioning their purpose. Essentially, Souvenirs are small items that characters can hold while emoting, but they take up an emote slot and serve no actual function. In fact, emoting with Souvenirs can feel like a tedious chore.

Despite some players enjoying Souvenirs, the community’s overall reaction has been negative, with many viewing them as useless filler content. Blizzard’s recent changes for season three, which included the addition of more Battle Pass tiers, have further fueled accusations that Souvenirs are merely a way to pad out the content. While some players have shared their favorite Souvenir combinations, most consider them to be at the bottom of their cosmetic priority list due to their lack of practicality.

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