Riot is set to make significant adjustments to the jungle in Patch 13.5.

Multiple grievances have surfaced from players regarding alterations made to the jungle during the 2023 League of Legends preseason. Consequently, Riot has decided to implement another update to the jungle to put an end to the ongoing saga.

With the release of LoL Patch 13.4, players were outraged as not only were champions that were previously unviable now meta, but they had also been nerfed, resulting in an unpleasant jungle experience with inadequate gold gains. Riot is now planning to make further modifications to the jungle in an attempt to rectify the situation.

In an effort to create a more user-friendly and simpler jungle role, Riot has been making numerous adjustments since the preseason of 2023. However, the nerfs to the jungle have been excessively severe, prompting the need for additional changes to even out the gold and experience distribution in LoL Patch 13.5.

Among the recent changes made to the game were the implementation of recommended jungle routes, timers, and leash indicators, alongside some unfavorable alterations. In order to prevent frequent invasions, Riot has added a 20% damage reduction against enemy camps.

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In addition to preseason nerfs to jungle pet damage against monsters, the experience gained from killing them was also adjusted, which has resulted in junglers feeling undervalued and the role being as unpopular as before.

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Riot Phlox has disclosed information about the forthcoming League of Legends patch, indicating that they plan to introduce significant alterations to the jungle, including the reversal of some of the more unpopular changes that were implemented over the past few weeks.

Riot to Reverse Certain Jungle Changes The League of Legends community has been in an uproar due to jungle pets dealing 20% more damage to camps on their half of the map, whereas the bonus is removed against enemy jungle camps. In response, Riot Phlox has announced that this 20% reduction will be removed in the upcoming LoL Patch.

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Jungle lane experience will also be tweaked during the first fourteen minutes of the game. Due to the early gank modifications that Riot made, acquiring experience became difficult for junglers. However, Riot has adjusted the experience percentage as follows:

Jungler lane XP for first 14m: 75% –> 40-75% based on game time (linear scaling from 00:00)

Furthermore, jungle camp gold has decreased, and Riot is planning to make some adjustments. Riot Phlox stated that jungle gold has been down by 20 since Season 12, which is a considerable decrease. Therefore, they intend to restore some of that gold, and players will also receive gold from treats to ensure balance.

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Riot Phlox has acknowledged that it’s preferable to test out jungle changes, even if some of them may need to be reverted. This is particularly true when it comes to early invasions and the need to improve the meta.

While there is still some value in preventing early invasions, the current cost is deemed too high to justify maintaining this mechanic. It was worth exploring, and the team is not averse to trying out new ideas, but it is now time to retire this approach.

The balance team hopes that these upcoming changes will be the last major ones to the jungle for a while. Since the preseason, there have been almost constant updates to this role in nearly every patch. Therefore, it is hoped that they have finally identified what works and what does not work for the jungle.

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