How to stop tilting

First, we need to understand from where the tilt comes from, and it usually, or well, always, comes from bad games, and, specially, bad teammates, those Smurf_666 with negative win ratio, yes, those are a tilting cause, because most of them can not play like humans and just want to running it down mid over and over, making your games a nightmare, doesn’t matter if you play good, it just matters that the specific person who claims is so good, that person, is the only reason you are losing and the only reason you are losing your mind is because you are not winning, however, this is actually fixable. Avoiding tilting is not hard at all, you just need to know where to look at.

What do I mean with this? Actually, you can win games with trolls, and the only thing you need is an elo boost service that can provide you what you need, winning games.

This is not hard or risky, actually it is pretty safe, because there are special tools to avoid that sanctions, Offline mode, so no one can see the booster playing on your account, and VPN, if the booster is from another country, he will just set the VPN in the customer’s country and ta-da!

If with that you are still tilting once you get the desired rank, you can always play with a Booster to keep playing meanwhile you are climbing, it is even safer, because duo boost is not against Riot Games ToS, which means the ban possibilities are totally 0. The booster will also try to give you advices if you ask them, the boosters are also people, so they can and will be kind and friendly with you, you’ll just need to talk with them. Also, you can learn from them just watching their gameplay, how they punish enemies mistakes, how they position, how they kite, farm, roam, etc., there are many options and many stuffs you can learn from a booster just playing with him. Then, you will be starting to do things you didn’t do before, that’s improvement and that’s something you can easily learn by just playing with and against better people, meanwhile you are climbing, you are improving, that should be the main goal.

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