Why is jungle the best role to carry?

It’s not a mystery that jungle is the stronger role in the game, the reasons are many, the huge amount of EXP they can get, the huge amount of objectives they can make, the ganks they can do. The jungler options are MANY compared to other roles; if the jungler gets 4 drakes, then it will be dragon soul for the team, which can be translated as extra damage, extra shield, extra movement or extra sustain, and this is not a small buff, it is a huge buff for all the teammates, doesn’t matter if they die, the will still have the dragon’s buff or Dragon Soul.

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There is also the Herald Rift, which is on the Baron pool from the minute 8 to 19:30 if he’s not in combat (there are 2 Herald if the first one is killed too early), it deals a lot of damage amounts to turrets, you can easily take a turret with 5 plates in just one push, it is huge! This, of course, is usually made by the jungler, which can help any lane and set up every objective. A lane is hard winning? Dive. A lane is hard losing? You can camp them if the enemy is not smart.

Jungle has much impact, much more than wished for some of us, however, it means that a lot of excellent players plays on it, high elo, boosters, etc. If you are bored by having bad junglers who dies to scuttle, then you should think on buying duo boosting and request a jungler booster. With a high elo player playing with you in your elo, you’ll notice the difference, from losing every drake to winning every one or even trading objectives, ganking, getting fed, that is how a jungler should play.

How good the boosters should be? Well, to give an idea, all of them are, at least, Master players. A booster from a boosting website with experience will not hire anyone if they are under Master. Quality is an important filter when we need to decide with whom we will spend our money.

Also, junglers can take off any enemy role in the game, how? Well, they can kill and counter jungle the enemy junglers, they can camp a lane until it is useless, they camp take all objectives not even allowing anyone to move. Jungle is strong, that’s why it is so good in Solo Queue and that’s why many boosters play that role, if you are tired of bad teammates, give it a try to a booster partner.

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